Vila Franca de Xira to Azambuja

April 18

16 miles! And didn’t eat very well. Or take enough water.  This good pilgrim was not prepared for the day! There were long long periods without shade. Fortunately there was always a cool, or slightly cool breeze. And we were always (except for a short bit on a busy roadway ) accompanied by a variety of flowers. Somehow they make the tough going easier. They are such happy colors. And the birdsong! Ever present.  Often too we had the musical chirp of frogs.

Our town tonight: Azambuja. I love the sound! Out for a quick bite early – since lunch consisted of an apple and some cheese – to the grocery store and back to our room.

Let me ask this, can a cold beer taste better than after a 16 mile trek in the sun? No. Man, it goes down as a most refreshing reward.

I have this dumb, thick book, The Fix by  David Baldacci,  that I started reading in Lisboa and so have carried it with me. I hope to finish it and leave it behind tonight! Weight I sure don’t need. I may consider it “dumb”, yet I want to finish it and see what happens!




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