Some clarification needed here

We received a comment that it is sometimes hard to determine which of us has posted a new blog. I had assumed people would know that the snarky, cynical posts would be mine, and the lyrical, descriptive posts would be Paula’s. Perhaps she is more snarky than I thought. Anyway, up til now, I have been updating a previous post and Paula has been posting a new blog each day. We have decided we will each sign off on our posts. In the event we do not do so, those written by Paula will include her e-mail address in the heading, and those written by me will have the name of the website (

Last night we checked the weather forecast for today and it was for partly cloudy skies with a 20 percent of rain. We woke up to rain that ended about 11:00. It allowed us another excuse to not get out and about until after lunch, which we will not eat since we just got around to breakfast. All that is to say that weather forecasts here are about as accurate as the ones produced by the Gringos up north (if I may be allowed to use an expression that confuses the six cardinal directions.)

We’ll be heading out to find the treasures of BsAs soon, and will post about our discoveries at the end of the day.


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