Foiled and Oiled

What the heck is with that title?! We headed out between 11:30 and noon today, walking into soft sun and bright blue. Our destination: Galeria Guëmes for a view from the mirador on the 14th floor. The lovely gentleman from the convent had told us about it. Enter on San Martin and exit on Florida, he said. We walked to the end of San Martin and found there a tourist office. There we were told that Galeria Guëmes was back the way we had come about 9 blocks. Foiled. On the Oiled side, we found the hop on, hop off tour bus he also recommended. But now that we think about it, we figure we’ll walk to all those places anyway, so why take the bus? I think this lovely gentleman wants us good tourists to spend dinero. I actually think that is wonderfully patriotic of him.

We did get to the Galeria. The cupola you walk around is pretty small. It does provide splendid views of the city. And the breeze up there was just heavenly. I could have sat in the opening for hours just gazing and feeling that breeze. Of course, you can’t sit in the opening that high up.

Here is a photo from there focusing on a rooftop patio that looked appealing. See the white tents and lounge chairs?


And here is photo looking up at more of the spiral staircase – which is closed. You know I would have loved to get up that high!


While we were waiting for the Galeria to open we stopped in for coffee. When you sit at a table in a cafe, it arrives like this – on a tray, with water and a cookie. Sweet!


Actually, while we waited for the Galeria to open (at 3) we stopped for a bite and a drink – wine for me and beer for Charlie. Oiled. We stood at the counter instead of table service. For one, it’s easier to engage in conversation with others. A man next to us was tucking into something that looked delicious – and keto. “Milanesa”, he said, “muy bien.” His wife’s sister lives in Benjamin, Utah. He said it was beautiful – at least on Google maps! He complained a bit about inflation and mentioned that gas, electricity and water were expensive. Then he was off!

Next stop – the ecological park. We went on Monday, but it’s closed Mondays. Yesterday it was too rainy. Today it was still closed due to yesterday’s rain! Foiled. Here I am gazing up into foliage as I lie on a wall keeping us from entering the park.


Sometime in the day we passed through 25 de Mayo Plaza.


Anyone who travels with me knows that I love to enter hotel lobbies. They generally have something interesting or beautiful. This Hilton lobby did not disappoint. Plus it’s a great place to get money from the cajero automático.


We’re in early tonight. No plans for tomorrow yet! Except to call Elena whom we met on the Caminho in Calda de Reyes, Spain.

Tonight – I begin my new book in Spanish – keeping the computer handy for the dictionary. And I’m also going to research how to get the most out of the camera on my new phone.

All the best, Paula

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