City life in a semi-tropical locale teems with life. People, cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, all weaving their way through earth and sky. Natural life is abundant as well. These soft and fuzzy seed pods begged to be caressed. I complied. Charlie warned me about all of the Do Not Touch signs at this Japanese Garden.


The Japanese Garden turned out to be rather a bust. These three photos (one above and two below) just about cover it. Oh, there was one waterfall, tumbling down a rock face, but so many people were posing for photos that it was not worth the wait. On the map in the Lonely Planet Guide it looked quite large. But that’s because it’s located within a larger park. I expected to spend a couple of hours happily wandering, sitting in the shade, admiring leafy bamboo and artistic ponds, bridges, and structures. It took about fifteen minutes to wander through. I made sure to walk every little path and cross each red lacquered bridge.


Ground cover in the form of these leaves took the place of grass in this park we repaired to for a more generous bit of green and space without people hustling by. 20190121_172117

I feel I should know the name of this tree. It is enormous; new leafs were unfurling all over it. Just nearby a swarm of dragonflies zoomed about, darting and dancing round one another, almost as though they were playing. I wondered what a bunch of dragonflies together might be called – a dithering of dragonflies? No, a swarm, it is. I did learn that the name derives from a myth that they were at one time dragons.20190121_173256

I’m really feeling the need to be surrounded by nature. Or at least be away somewhat from skyscrapers and people. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to live in city. Having not spent more than a week in any, I’ve felt I was missing some part of the experience. Now I know that, even in smaller and quieter sections or neighborhoods, I’m not cut out for it.

On the other hand, Buenas Aires is a craft beer lover’s haven. Brewmasters are brewing throughout the country. The IPAs have been great! Beer is also a bargain at 80 pesos a pint or about $2.20. The next two photos are from On Tap, located in the Palermo neighborhood.


Mural in the women’s bathroom painted by a local artist.20190121_192917

Coke has a new ad campaign in the BA subways.


La Poesia, one of the Notable places in BA for it’s age and charm. Not so much for its food. But the portions were generous.20190121_205513

And with this image, I bid you good night and sweet dreams. Paula20190121_214639

2 thoughts on “Exhuberance

  1. margo a maher February 3, 2019 / 2:30 pm

    Loved this day! Even if Japanese garden could have been better. Rubber tree perhaps where the dragon flies were?


    • pgsteele4 February 3, 2019 / 3:11 pm

      Thank you, Margo! I don’t think there were rubber trees. Dragonflies have a thing for rubber trees?! I think there may have been water about. Glad you are warm in Mexico!


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