Palacio Barolo

We decided to have a light day today, get home early and catch up on our rea\nding/writing.

When coming back from Tigre on Sunday we met a woman and her son who were on vacation from Brazil. They recommended we tour the Palacio Barolo, which was built in the early twentieth century by an immigrant from Italy. The building was the tallest building in Latin America when it was built, at 100 meters in height. It was designed to be a monument to Dante’s Divine Comedy, and contains many architectural features incorporating arcane references to the seven deadly sins and the many levels of purgatory and paradise. The young lady giving the tour switched between Spanish, English and French to ensure all of the people on the tour could understand. There were lots of references to freemasonry and hermetic philosophy. I could understand the words, but the little I remembered from reading Dante over forty years ago did not help me understand the more esoteric points. It was an interesting tour, none the less.

A highlight of the tour was the view from the fourteenth floor and the dome of the beacon lamp on the roof top.

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