As our stay in Buenos Aires lengthens we have been venturing further from our local neighborhoods. Thus, we have been spending more time on the subway and in trains. As in most subways and trains in large cities around the world, there is a variety of artwork and a variety of ways for citizens to hustle for a living. Immediately following are some photos of tile work.

floral-subway-tile.jpgsubway tile scene


As for the ways in which people find ways to make money, we have experienced very little outright begging for money. In the train stations and on the trains people sell: coffee out of thermoses; alfajores, the very popular sandwich cookie (similar to, but better than a moon pie); electronic gadgets; a variety of breads… Some of the entertainment has been quite good – a three piece band and singing; a young woman impersonating Michael Jackson. Riders are most appreciative, applauding each performance and some putting money in the hat. I was impressed with the young woman as Michael Jackson. She had a powerful speaker for the music and her dance moves were spot on. For each of the three songs I saw her perform she had something different to wear.

Overall, I’m stirred by what it takes to make a little bit of money. By the hutzpah and drive and necessity. I have had to hustle in my life; have worked more than one job at a time. But thankfully, due to a combination of good fortune and hard work, have not had to endure the daily grind and struggle for existence. We get to live a life of abundance. Even traveling as we are, modestly, our life style is beyond the means for so many in this world. Again, I give thanks daily, and sometimes moment to moment.

For my early childhood friends I include the following photo of the most minimilist playground I have ever seen. That’s it. Two swings and a climbing structure. I actually kind of like it for the use of natural wood. There have been families and children in every park I’ve seen, except this one. Of course, they have been in the city and this one is in San Isidro, away from the city center, but near the Rio de la Plata. There were relatively few people in general.

minimal playground

Enjoyed a rainy morning here and heard the loudest boom of thunder I’d heard in a while. My heart! Wishing you all peaceful and awakening moments. Paula



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