Have you heard the one about

the vacation destination that has unreliable internet service? We have been unable to successfully upload many photos at the moment. We will be returning to Montevideo on Friday and will most likely have better success there. Meanwhile we will continue the struggle, brothers and sisters…..

We woke this morning to rain. It started as a slight drizzle before dawn and by the time we were admitting that we were awake it was a heavy downpour. It was raining harder than I have seen it since…… well, last week. As I lay in bed imagining what a day of rain would be like I remembered that I had hung my beach clothes to dry on the patio last night. I jumped up to check on them and saw they were gone. I wondered if we had been hit by the bandits we’d been warned about or if the wind had blown them into the mud. It was the later, of course.

About the time we finished coffee the rain had stopped, so I retrieved my clothes from the mud, washed them and put them out to dry. The sun came out and baked the clothes long enough to dry before the light clouds came in and gave us a wonderful day for the beach.

One of the amenities in our cabana is a set of beach chairs and an umbrella. We had a five minute walk to the beach and hung out there listening to the waves, people watching. Paula had a number of dips into the waves and had an unfortunate encounter with a jelly fish resulting in an uncomfortable rash on the back of her leg. It will not keep her out of the water for a second.

The beach was not at all crowded. We understand that this is high tourist season but it seems the capacities are seriously underutilized. Perhaps it is because it is mid week. It was really nice to miss the turmoil on crowded beaches. There were no jet skis, motorboats, para-sailing, loud music and endless buskers that we associate with beaches in Mexico and California. We enjoyed watching the surfers. We saw a lot of that invention that can cause both envy and despair.

We returned to the cabana for showers and headed out for an early dinner. Likely story, you say, since there are no such thing as an early dinner is Punta de Diablo. We had scoped out a restaurant last night that has a good view of the ocean and appeared to be upscale but not swanky. The restaurant was scheduled to open at 8:00. It was only 6:45, so we headed off for a drink and a snack while we waited for “Cero Stress” to open.

We found a little cafe overlooking the beach and away from traffic, where we watched the colors of the setting sun. We had been asking ourselves to explain why we travel. This interlude was the answer, and moments like it.

The proprietor selects music for his customers, not his staff, and the selections were perfect for the evening. As it got closer to eight we noticed there were hardly any customers remaining since the cafe was closing for dinner. Here is a view from the cafe.

We returned to Cero Stress and got a table facing the ocean. The restaurant specializes in local seafood prepared in the tradition of northern Uruguay. I had a seafood mix prepared in a sauce with coconut milk and palm oil. It was fabulous. We are considering returning there tonight.

I neglected to get photos our the restaurant, but here are some from the nearby coast.

I cannot tell if these photos uploaded properly. If not I’ll repost then when we get to Montevideo tomorrow evening.

One thought on “Have you heard the one about

  1. margoanne maher February 4, 2019 / 4:27 pm

    uploaded just fine. love the desolation and simplicity. nice! thank you.


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