And now a word from our sponsor…

Well they are not really our sponsor, but I do feel the need to make a report to anyone planning international travel about cell phone service. Before we left New Mexico we changed our service provider to TMobile. It was strictly a cost cutting move. They offer a plan for people who are over 65 that costs 40 dollars per month, includes unlimited talk text and data in the US , Canada and Mexico, and unlimited text and 2G data in something like 140 other countries. I brought a second phone to South America so I could use a local SIM for data and calling. I haven’t tried it yet. The 2G data has been fine for accessing sites that do not use a lot of media. Our banking and credit card apps work just fine, as does Google maps and GPS. For more data intensive activity we just wait until we have access to WIFI. I’m just reporting in case you are planning international travel you might consider this option.

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