Valparaiso – my take

I was a few days into an intense period of pain due to a strained knee when we went to Valparaiso. As we entered the city on the regional bus my heart sank as I saw the hills, which are tall and plentiful. A stop in the visitor information office helped allay my concerns when we were directed to the many funiculars and ascensores that take people to upper elevations and miradores.

It was a Monday, and we have not yet learned that Mondays are part of the weekend in Argentina and Chile. Many places were not open and we had a good time walking the streets and appreciating the street art. I have to say that Valparaiso has been the most colorful place we have been. The many murals that adorn the buildings are colorful, artistic, whimsical and interesting in other ways.

I have not much more to say than we enjoyed the views from the Miradores and the street. Here are a few examples

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