Vina del Mar

As we continued our walk in Valparaiso we decided that it was a good day for the beach. Since Valparaiso is a port city the few beaches are not really very pleasant. However a twenty minute bus ride takes one to Vina Del Mar, which has much better access to the ocean.

The agent at the information center advised us to get off the bus at the “flower clock” and walk a couple minutes to the beach.

Here is the flower clock.

And here is the beach near the flower clock.

Fortunately a young man on the bus give us alternate directions to the beach he prefers. It was close to 4 kilometers further into town. Here is the beach he recommended:

We were thankful for the advise from a stranger.

Overall our experience in Chile was a welcoming and to some degree an embrace.

It was in this spot that Paula was able to fulfill a wish to swim in both the Atlantic and the Pacific on the same trip.


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