Last night in Colanchanga

We are on the patio in front of our cabin, watching the Moon rise over there hills to the east. This is our last evening in Colanchanga and it has been a good one.

Earlier in the evening Ludmilla, Else and Vlad’s daughter introduced us to taste of mate. It was an interesting sample, but I don’t think I’ll be changing out my coffee maker for a mate gourd any time soon.

Tomorrow we go to Córdoba and then to San Miguel De Tucuman on the overnight bus. Then we head to Tafi Del Valle, that we will use as a base to explore some of the Salta province, including Cafayate, for the next six days.

Tonight we have been able to explore the southern sky a bit, since the Moon rise is later than it has been. I think we’re got a cleared understanding of how to find due south using the Southern Cross as a guide.

It is strange seeing Orion in the north. Some time ago someone told us she thought the stars south of Orion’s belt represented the penis, not a sword. Tonight, seeing Orion’s sword extending upward, I can’t keep from wondering what the heck is on his mind.

I think we are refreshed enough to continue in our venture. After Tafi Del Valle we head to Corrientes for Carnival. We are looking forward to that very much.

It’s a great time to be traveling. The weather has been perfect so far.

We’ll be in touch.


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