San Jose, Costa Rica

Getting here took a little time. Fortunately we have that. A 7 hour layover in Atlanta actually went by pretty quickly. The airport has lots of art to visit with, ponder, and appreciate. Lots of it was Haitian. Just an exhibition, we wondered or is there a direct flight to Haiti? We also walked quite a bit as it is a large airport. We stopped at a round bar for a beer. A couple of military guys sat and we heard the sorry saga of delayed flight, flight turned back, and more delays. They had actually flown Atlanta to Texas and then had to return.I have come to appreciate Delta as an airline. Long time since I’ve flown them. The Airbus 321 has comfortable seats and pretty good leg room. Also good snack selection. We did not pay extra to have seats assigned in advance. And it worked out fine and even especially well for the Atlanta-San Jose leg as we were assigned seats in the emergency row which always has great leg room. Plus! Movies on the seatback of the seat in front. No free beer or wine though on this international flight. I guess it’s too close.Oh, here is a photo from the Atlanta airport.I thought it tender and clever to find a way to pray in private.We arrived to our guest house after 10 pm, by which time the train that I had read about being noisy, was no longer running. Unfortunately, a local nightclub took over for the noise pollution. And while I thought sleep would take me quickly, as we were up at 4:45 after going to bed at midnight, no such luck. The incessant pounding of a barely existent beat (do I sound like my parents?!) kept me awake for awhile.It’s much cooler here, at least today, than anticipated. The variably overcast sky and a near constant breeze kept us comfortable – and even a bit chilly toward late afternoon and into the evening.We visited a couple of churches. I appreciate the wide variety of architectural styles and the unique touches that each church community brings to their place of worship. They are also quiet refuges from city hubbub. Taking a moment to sit quietly with thoughts of others and of gratitude provide a peaceful break. Here are a few of Iglesia Nuestra Senora la Merced.Above from door panelsThis head covering took me back to my childhood. It was forbidden for females to ener the Catholic church without a head covering. I rremember having to dash into the drug store across the street to purchase a “doily” last minute when I’d forgotten.This image of The Last Supper from Iglesia Soledad gave me pause. Is the “ghosted” figure on the left meant to portray Judas?Here are Mary’s hands with the very best blingy bracelets ever. Well, best looking whilst giving blessings. Which is about all you can do while wearing them.Here are a few images from Parque Espana. The little boy and his siblings were having a blast with this sculture.I found this enchanting scene in the park to be worth gazing into; so much to see. Just a gem, with a table and bench just there for a relaxing chat with friends or for solo relfection.San Jose is not a particularly attractive or historic or quaint city. There are few buildings of architectural interest asides from the churches – the post office and the Teatro Nacional, being the most prominent. The lore behind the Teatro Nacional is that a renowned opera singer on tour bypassed San Jose as it lacked a suitable venue. The city political fathers and business barons got together to put up the money to create one. It is the smallest of its kind that I have seen, though with all the requisite features that one expects – guilding, marble, velvet, murals mirrors, sculpture – the whole gamut. Unfortunately, there are no espectaculares scheduled while we are here.An unusual feature of this theatre is that the seats orchestra level can be removed. The floating floor can be raised to the level of the stage to create one large space for balls or other gatherings.Later in the afternoon, after a repast of comida tipica at the Mercado Central, I mentioned to Charlie that I’d read that craft beer was available of late in San Jose and that we’d have to do a search. A moment later, we turned a corner and Lo! I saw a sign. Pub Piso 3. Up to the 3rd floor we bounded to find a comfortable space with a table by an open window overlooking the peatonal – and a decent IPA!Here is a simple way to make a chandelier:The peatonal with the Post Office in the background:And finally, I’ll leave you with this:I sure wish that I had been taking photos of bathrooms and bathroom doors more assiduously throughout my travels. I think it would make a terrific bathroom book. Don’t steal my idea!Good night.