Sweet Life

I am feeling like life is sweet on me right now. Altough there was more rain today, yes, too much to hike in, making me a liar cuz yesterday I said “hike tomorrow, rain or shine”, but when we arrived at Arenal 1968 (so named for the Arenal volcanic eruption in 1968 and the resulting lava fields that one can explore within this preserve) it was pouring down like an overturned giant bucket of water, it seemed stupid to spend $60.00 or more to hike without seeing anything and so despite all that, today was sweet.

I did tell Charlie/Ed as we headed out, Tabacón hot springs if rain prevents a hike. So that’s what we did. Truly, it is neither hot nor a spring. It is a warm, raging river and you have to be careful not to be swept away in the swirling turbulent current. It was heaven. I found my way under several waterfalls for the best natural massage available.

Recognize me? The one looking at her phone… Oh, wait, maybe 40 years ago.
“Trash doesn’t talk, but it says a lot about you.”

Driving along post river massage we noted some clearing and views of the lake so we pulled into Le Bistro/La Mansion, a restaurant and guest cabanas overlooking the water. We knew the view would come with a price, so we weren’t surprised to see everything in dollars with figures just like stateside. We settled in for a drink and appetizer and some photos.

Still overcast and drizzly, but pleasant. I will swim in that lake before moving on from here. And that I will do rain or shine – wet is wet.

Just a piece up the road I pulled in to a drive way that I’d noticed with a sign advertising caña y pipas – sugar cane juice and coconut water – frias. Yes, nice and cold and refreshing. The man selling them said he gets lots of business – not many others selling fresh squeezed caña and pipa fria. He said he was planning to build a restaurant there under his scrappy palapa, serving comida tipica. I’d go. It was pouring again or a photo would accompany.

Not far from our casita

there is a paved path through the foresty jungle. It leads to some houses with beautiful properties and lake views.

The path itself is short and so green and brimming with life that we walked it three times.

Picnic by the waterfall, anyone?

Following are some photos taken from a walk along our road. I think it’s worth all this rain to have such a profusion of color and bright growth.

Daylight came to an end with the first dazzling sunset we’ve seen in Costa Rica.

Finally, I leave you with flight. This is how our mornings here begin.

Observing the birds, I have noticed that the small ones alight first to partake of banana. Then bigger ones fly in and off scoot the diminutive creatures. Before long, the larger birds have ceded space and the little peeps are back. The dance alternates.

May you always have enough and enough to share.

Good night sweet friends.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Life

  1. Linnea Hendrickson January 21, 2020 / 11:41 pm

    You two are so funny! I couldn’t see a place to comment on Charlie’s post. Beautiful sunset maybe portends better weather tomorrow? We get the “gotta help these old folks” treatment more and more often it seems, and we too wonder why.


  2. Laurie Carleton January 22, 2020 / 6:06 am

    Thank you once again for the wondrous treat if your posts ! So enjoy reading with my am cafe! Love you


    • pgsteele4 January 22, 2020 / 6:48 am

      Thank you for letting me know you appreciate them!


  3. Lois January 22, 2020 / 8:16 am

    So fun to read your and Charlie’s posts as a tiny window into what catches your fancy. Such a beautiful even if rainy place to ruminate within, and to explore. Soak in the lush green moisture as an everlasting prayer for NM that thrives when it rains. Just a juxtaposition to enjoy. In fact it’s been rainy here with fog just now clearing. Off to Taos for work for 3 days, the. We plunge into lush tropical greatness just like you: Maui! 🥰


    • pgsteele4 January 22, 2020 / 9:05 am

      Hi! Taos, rain and fog and then to Maui – how grand is life?! Wishing you joy and relaxation. So many beaches to explore in Maui. And do drive the road to Hana for your own twisty curvy experience. Lovts of love to you and Lenny.


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