Bread and Pastry

I don’t know what’s gotten into us, besides the obvious, given the title. It started on our first day here in Arenal. We stopped at Soda Herrera/Panaderia Tutu. Tutu had fresh baked emanadas. I bought a bag of 7. My they were good with coffee in the morning – slightly sweet and flaky and buttery.

On day two here we stopped at a local bakery and bought a chorizo empanada and a frijol y queso empanada which we ate for breakfast this morning.

That afternoon we stopped at the German bakery (20 years! is how they advertise on street signs) and got black bread, and three pastries.

In addition, as I wrote earlier, our host left us a full size banana bread.

We don’t usuall go off the rails like that. I blame it on the rain.

Why I felt the need to write about this is a mystery. Or maybe it’s a confession. At any rate, we’ve enjoyed every morsel. The birds however are not interested in bread crumbs; they’ve got banana every morning from our host. And we get a variety show of birds to accompany coffee and breakfast.

Tonight is our last here. I’ll miss it.

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