Green mountain. Cloud Forest. Green it is, as I have mentioned. Lacking in clouds, though, and that’s all right with me! Very fortunate to have had two beautiful days here for hiking and ziplining. I can post some photos from hiking, but the zipline experience will have to wait a bit.

We have a roomy casita here with a patio overlooking a running stream that burbles non-stop. Days are warm and nights are really cool. Approaching cold, even.

Yesterday we went to the Curicancha reserve for a stroll through the forest, hoping to see some wildlife. We even sprung to rent some binoculars. Alas, there was not much to be seen. A few aguti:

Cute little guy, huh?

And we saw some hummingbirds flitting among the butterfly bushes. No butterflys though. We met a couple from Minnesota while hiking Curicancha and it turns out they are staying at the same place we are. This is their fifth time here in Costa Rica and they are staying in Monteverde for a month. They also told us about Valle Escondido as a must see, which we went to after Curicancha.

Some man from Boston with money to spare bought hundreds of acres and turned it into an ecolodge with an impressive set of trails and overlooks, some cantilevered into the side of the very steep hills. It offered some great views.

Can you spot the house in the midst of all the trees?

At one point in the hike, there is a short path to a hammock garden. A variety of swing and sleeping hammocks are provided around an opening and under trees for shaded peace and quiet and rest.

3 here and more to the left.

Once again, as with the hike to Cataratas Viento Fresco, we were in awe at what it takes to carve steps into these steep hillsides and provide cable or other material for handrails, whether rudimentary, as at Cataratas, or well-engineered , as at Valle Escondido. I like these natural handrails:

I don’t know what it is, but I like it. Soft and fuzzy and I’ve never seen anything like it.
Dried out cocoa pods? I don’t think so. But, what?! Really fuzzy exeterior; the fuzzies stick in skin, but not prickly.

Yeah, now I’m just posting photos that I liked over the past few days. Oh! Here is a video of some locals tobagganing.

Who needs snow?!

And, a few days ago, after hiking through Arenal 1968, I was a bad influence on a new friend.

Drinking buddy – likes craft beer, too.

And with that, I’m over and out. Sweet dreams, sweet days, sweet day dreams.

2 thoughts on “Monteverde

  1. Jim January 27, 2020 / 3:54 am

    Nice pics! The one of you and C/E in the hammock is a very nice consideration for a Christmas card 🙂 Hope your trip continues to be as green, warm, enjoyable, and full of hammocks!


    • pgsteele4 January 27, 2020 / 5:41 am

      Cuz he looks like Santa?


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