At this rate…

No excuses, I’m just going to take the plunge. I last wrote of Springfield IL. From there we drove through Indiana to get to Springfield OH without any touring of Indiana, though my friend Betty said we should visit her hometown of Connorsville. Since she wasn’t there we decided to bypass. However I did snap a photo of a highway sign to send her.

Next stop was Clarion PA. It boasts Clarion University, lots of trails, wineries and breweries in the surrounding areas, and the Clarion River running through it. Lovely small city. After a day of driving it felt good to walk in the forest, even if just a short time as it was already early evening. And in a densely treed environment, it felt pretty dark. Yet the green shows up so vividly!

We walked a short distance on the 1.6 mile Clarion Loop Trail on land owned by the university. It runs through second growth forests of white pine and hemlock and is part of the 4,600 mile North Country Trail.

Clarion County is the gateway to the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors and Pennsylvania Wild Regions. This is a beautiful region we would revisit when the plan is to simply spend time in this area.

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