Blue Ridge Parkway

Day 2 was significantly different from day 1 as it the Plateau Region. And day 3 was different yet again and is known as the Highlands region. Photos from day 2:

Moving Mist – a calming moment
The Music Center

The Music Center is well worth a visit and is a short drive off the Parkway, yet part of it. Volunteers play traditional music – if you’re lucky to be there when they are. We’ve had some good fortune on this trip. The structure has amazing acoustics. And how about that backdrop?!

Inside the Center there is an exhibit of the history of music in the area. There are examples of the original banjo style instrument from Africa. There are recordings of traditional music. And a variety of realia highlighting all of it.

Day 3 – was really rainy, but with periods of decent weather.

Typical hand-built home, 1700s – those were some rugged, self-sufficient folk. To the left of the house is the meat (mostly pork) storage barn and root cellar. Stairs lead to a small spring shelter. Running water kept dairy, eggs, and other perishables fresh.

After spending the night in Asheville NC we drove through part of the Smokie Mountains. At the entrance were a number of buildings that had been moved from the mountains or rural areas to form what a typical homestead might consist of.

In the Smokies

This photo and the next go together.
Behind us, somewhere behind the clouds is Clubman’s Dome. That’s where I started my Appalachian Trail trek. Julie and i walked it south, 100 miles to Helen GA. That was 40 years ago!
Some color showing up …

That’s it for today. Posts will jump around, depending on what strikes my fancy. Dinner time! Be well wherever you are.

2 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Parkway

  1. Connie Whitley October 11, 2021 / 7:08 pm

    We went to the Music Center when we drove the Parkway a few years ago. What a treat! Love your photos!


    • pgsteele4 October 13, 2021 / 6:51 am

      Thanks, Connie. Good to hear from you! Greetings to Terry.


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