In the Q

We arrived Thursday evening. Since we were approaching from the east on I40 we decided to gas up and stock up at Costco on Eubank. For the record, if you’ve been out of town for over 5 weeks in some of the most beautiful country side, the absolute worst entry point to Albuquerque is via east Central and Zuni.

That said, the return to our own sweet neighborhood and home was a balm. And a relief. A relief from the road and a relief that all was in good order. The cumulative effect of all that saw us in bed by 9pm last night.

While at the bar waiting for a table at The Big Texan we struck up a conversation with a local. He mentioned Palo Duro canyon as something to see. It’s the second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon. It being a weekday we elected to backtrack a bit to take it in. It is a beautiful sight. Still, quite small in comparison to the Grand one.

There are just 100 campsites and they were all booked. They go fast! Not that we were going to camp. It being a weekday, we didn’t expect the hoards of kids at the picnic area. Bus loads! Good time of year for a field trip. They were friendly, responding to my waves, hellos, and have a great days.

Next stop – Cadillac Ranch.

This is what I expected.
This is what we got.

I surmise that visitors began spray painting the cars. Now there’s a truck there selling spray paint so that all and sundry can be a “graffiti artist”. Paint was 4 inches thick and melting in some parts. It’s interesting in its own right, but who could tell these are Cadillacs? And don’t stand down wind of active painters!

I appreciate the play on words.
I do like the looks of this!

I’ll be reviewing photos and memories, so there may yet be another post. It was a great trip. Did I already say 6000+ miles? Still, we saw just an infinitesimal fraction of what this country has to offer. Looking forward to exploring more of it, starting with a return to VA in early 2022. Oh, and a 2 week trip to FL in December.

Thanks for reading!

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