I don’t like to start off on a negative slant, but that is how Budapest presented upon arrival at the train station. No signage. Dark. Dirty. Raining. Walking from the train station to our hotel was utterly lacking in charm. Poor Budapest has an old forlorn decay about it. Buildings have some architectural interest, but minimally, and are worn, peeling, and tired. That being said we have enjoyed our time here. Ed\Charlie is masterful at figuring out the transit system and lazy me is happy for it.

Three days is never enough. Here are some highlights from Monday:

These photos show Parliament. This is the building you see on PBS Viking River Cruise ads. The last photo for Monday will show it at night in all it’s illuminated glory. We opted not to tour it so I’ve no idea of the inside.
The Danube from Fisherman’s Bastion.
Part of Fisherman’s Bastion. Great views from here. Also, it’s not as medieval as it looks, but rather a 19th century construction built to commemorate the 100th year of the Hungarian state. It is built atop previously existing battlement walls from the 1600s, hence the style from that period. It’s named for Fisherman’s Town lying beneath and for the fishermen who often rose in defense
St. Matthias Church
St. Matthias Church roof from the church tower – 197 steps!
Interior St. Matthias
Our Lady of Loretto – Virgin Queen and patroness of Hungary
The lamb, water springing from it’s feet and signifying rebirth and purity
Detail -looks Celtic
This interior had so many interesting styles!
Coat of Arms
More amazingly beautiful and strategically useful door hardware

After Parliament we happened upon a riverside shrine to the Jews and the Holocaust. It’ll always make me cry. I had not heard of te Arrow Cross Party before.

Doesn’t it look like these aholes took the coat of arms of Matthias and used it for their nefarious purposes? The cross is different and the cross and stripes have switched sides. The bastards.
The Labyrinth
Victims of Vlad the impaler, otherwise known as Dracula.

After a refreshing break of cake and a cortado (for me) and beer (for Ed) we descended into the underground world of the labyrinths.

The labyrinths lay under the Buda Castle complex (14th century) and extend for several miles in all directions. Initially, naturally formed by rushing thermal waters, they were used as shelter and for food storage and as a water source. Nowadays you can wander them looking for buried Turkish treasure (supposedly) or hoping for an otherworldly experience. While most is dimly lit, there is a section that is completely, I mean completely, dark. You feel your way by fingertips. Crazy spooky fun.

A bit of Budapest at sun down:

Oh yeah! Just imagine you’re on that Viking Cruise Line.

Okay, last thought for the night: lots of people here are wearing heavy winter coats. Fur collars and cuffs. Wool. Mega heavy sweaters. I wonder. What the hell are they wearing when winter actually descends?!

3 thoughts on “Budapest

  1. Laurie Carleton September 28, 2022 / 4:56 pm

    Great pics

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. September 29, 2022 / 5:18 am

    Hello and Many Thanks, For presenting a travelogue worthy of Conde Nast and such nice photos that you probably wouldn’t see in that mag.  But what is the ever-so-pale underground snake awaiting in the catacombs for an unsuspecting passer-by? Creeeeepy ! And what are you having for dinner?  Crisp apple strudel ?  Schnitzel with nudel ( for visual rhyming purposes?) Goulash with, of course, paprika ? Thanks for showing us Prague …..Hungary for more !Susan


    • pgsteele4 September 29, 2022 / 2:04 am

      Hi, Susan! We appreciate your response! I don’t know about the snake; I’m just glad I didn’t run into it while we were exploring in the pitch black section. Of course it was so dark I wouldn’t have seen it! Delectable pastries we have had. And lots of paprika. My favorite dish in Budapest was tender chicken in a peppery paprika cream sauce with noodles. Tried fried marrow last night. Delicious. And goulash. Also delicious. Hungarian wine is particularly good! I liked the visual rhyme!


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