The Camino in Česky Krumlov

That’s right. Surprised us. But why not? They’re all over Europe. We didn’t notice the way signs until we went to the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows high up on a hill. A steep hill. The kind where you feel as though your nose is about to meet the ground steep. Must’ve been a 13% grade. See that little building in the upper right corner? That’s the chapel.

Photo taken from castle to tower
This castle tower
Here’s the route!

Signage at the Chapel had the Pilgrim shell on it. After that we saw way signs everywhere throughout town. And the Pilgrim shell inside St. Vitus Cathedral as well.

We called on Sunday and the chapel was open so we hiked up again – a different route, slightly less steep. The small chapel is surrounded by a wall with information on its history and various sculptures and iconography. The chapel itself is quite diminutive with soft music playing and some local ecclesiastical artwork.

Following our visit, we took to the marked trail through the woods…

And found our way back to town.

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