Today at NOMA

This Wednesday at the New Orleans Museum of Art

What a glorious day! Sun and clouds and breeze, warmth and coolness. We walked the mile and a half to the museum via neighborhood streets. There were some extraordinary pieces, only a few of which I think will be able to be appreciated here versus in person. So here goes…

I selected the following to share because a few of the elements reminded me of children’s books and their authors. Some of you will relate. This piece is by Twins Seven-Seven, a Nigerian painter, sculptor, and musician. What a great name! It is ink, paint, and chalk on plywood, titled The Lazy Hunters, and the Poisonous Wrestlers, Lizard and the Cobra. What struck me about it is that the lizard, particularly his clawed patas, remind me of a Maurice Sendak creature from Where the Wild Things Are. Secondly, the Lazy Hunters in the bottom right remind reminded me of a a book, No David!, due to the triangular nose. Just fun connections.

from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

No, David! by David Shannon

Now, being In New Orleans, the following piece, Lower Ninth Ward by Thornton Dial, I found to be evocative of a deluge and the damage caused, exactly the desired outcome of the artist. How artists manage to to be able to bring their vision to fruition is a marvel. Dial was 83 when he completed this piece.

All of the items in this sculptural piece were found in the Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina. You must expand it to see all of the elements – dolls, clothing, planks and netting…

This piece is tender and could be fleeting were it not for the velvet panel laid atop to protect it from light. I’ll just add the museum description that explains it.

Just because I’m studying French!

After relaxing chez nous for the afternoon, we ventured into the neighborhood for dinner at Liuzza’s, the second of their locales, the other being near the race track which houses the Jazz Festival and which mixes up a spicy and kicking Bloody Mary, which they sell by the hundreds (thousands?) as people flock by by on their way to the festival. This one may have an equally delicious Bloody Mary, but I opted for the French 75 – not because I’m studying French – but because I like them! And at half off Happy Hour, why not? The red beans and rice, and the garlic spinach were mouthy good. Walking home we came upon Vessel.


What would you say was the denomination by looking at the building?

By the way, notice the sidewalk work – so much of that here. In areas tree roots have absolutely wreaked havoc with sidewalks! But those sidewalks are left buckled and broken.

Darn good martini here; Botanical Islay Gin – so smooth.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll go back in time to fill in previous days. Today was a good day. Expecting rain tomorrow; we hear the WWII Museum is not to be missed. Then we may hit Frenchman Street for music. A demain.

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