Continuing yesterday (Friday, the 20th)

I gave you the downtown rainy part, but not the midtown sunny part! We left the French Quarter for midtown knowing we wanted a return to 1000 Figs for lunch. Mediterranean – think falafel, tsatziki, zhoug, buttermilk marinated chicken (why haven’t I been preparing chicken that way?!) Tasty focaccia. Oh, the fried brussel sprouts! It’s all good and so fresh! We also like that neighborhood. It’s on the way to the racetrack where the Jazz Fest is held. The houses are varied and interesting, it’s tree lined, and flowery. By now, the sun was out in full force; the umbrella I’d been using for rain, transformed into a shelter from the sun. I’d burned by shoulders on Friday at the festival and so have been taking extra care. When’s the last time I burned my shoulders and had peeling skin?! Who knows…that’s how long.

1000 Figs on Ponce de Leon Street

From here we’d hoped to visit the miniature train garden in the Botanic Garden, but it was too late. A cemetary was next on the list. Also too late. But never too late, is a brewery and as we found ourselves in the neighborhood of the Second Line Brewing, off we went. The reward was the best beer we’ve found in New Orleans! Clear, hoppy West Coast style IPA and a flavorful Pilsner. And almost more children than adults – at first.

Then home for a movie – The Boondock Saints – which was dark, outlandish, and thoroughly entertaining. Willem Dafoe plays an FBI agent with a twist – or two. The Boondock Saints, fraternal twin vigilante brothers, take on some evil doers in Boston and gain a few supporters along the way. It’s violent, reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino movie, and so I don’t recommend it for everyone. Looking up the title to make sure I had it correct, I saw that Bookdock Saints II was made and III was in production last year.

Saturday – last day in New Orleans

We did go back to City Park for the Train Garden in the Botanic Garden. Another perfect day.

Typical Live Oak with Spanish Moss
Several miniature trains running on the tracks that maneuver around miniature New Orleans neighborhoods.
What is this?!

Apologies for this being out of order – had an issue and so I worked on something different. Ni modo.

2 thoughts on “Continuing yesterday (Friday, the 20th)

  1. DAVID HARRIS April 25, 2023 / 10:25 pm


    Looks like a Staghorn Fern?


    div dir=”ltr”> And oh, the trees


    • pgsteele4 April 26, 2023 / 6:19 am

      I think that’s right! It’s an epiphyte. Thank you!


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