A taste of Chile

When we first arrived in Santiago I was overwhelmed by the crowds, wondering if I would be able tolerate a week there. By the time we left I was sorry to go. I enjoyed our time in Santiago and would like to have time to get to other areas of Chile.

The people were friendly and helpful and we found plenty of quiet spaces to relax.

We did not make it to the top of the highest tower in Santiago since we decided the the view would likely not top the view from the Santuario de Concepcion Imaculada. Plus it was 45USD per person.

We enjoyed walks through adjoining neighborhoods from our apartment. Many of the buildings were brightly decorated with murals.

In the neighborhood of Buena Vista we visited the home of Pablo Naruda, the celebrated poet. Photos were not allowed.

We stopped into a bar that maintained its ambiance from yesteryear.

Paula reported some graffiti that will be my current motto:

“The world is as it is, not as some son of a bitch named Einstein says it is.”

I wish I knew to attribute that quote.

Our days in Chile were full and enjoyable. The time sped by and it seems we did much more than I can recall in this internet cafe a week later.

That’s it for now.


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