I love this place. When Charlie and I talk about the possibility of moving there are a few things we want: a rural location, close to a city, and water. Colanchanga has all 3. Especially the proximity to a city, as it is close to the small city of Rio Ceballos, about a 20 minute drive and accessible by taxi, bus, or your own car. Rio Ceballos is big enough that it has grocery stores, panaderias, banks, shops of every sort – everything you might need. For bigger city requirements, Cordoba is an hour away by bus.

The Rio Ceballos runs through Colanchanga and into town. A short walk from the casita in which we are staying there is a dam, perfect for swimming in, which I have done and will again. Up the way from the casita there is a waterfall, which we will get to soon. And I think I mentioned the man-made pool, sheltered by trees and fed by the ever moving Rio Ceballos.


Now, Else and Vlad, duenos of the casita in which we are staying, are selling a casita just across the road. It’s very tempting. It doesn’t have the view of their rental on the hill, but how fun to live near new friends and have them become friends of long standing.

View from our patio:20190217_142329

Our place:


Else and Vlad’s place:


It’s a wonderful open interior. There’s a patio between the two main sections. Mounds of lavender climb the hill providing nector for the 2 hives they keep on the property.

And as it’s time to evict ourselves from this cafe and get some groceries, I end this post. Who knows what wifi will be like in Tafí del Valle, our next destination. I may post again on Thursday as I’ll be in town once again for yoga with Else.

Just a quick word on a guided yoga practice just when I needed it this mornning. Last night we received word that a dear long time friend died from a brain aneurysm. I have been teary since hearing. Yoga provided me the space to sink into the feeling, but more, to feel as though I connected with Mary Lynn on her passage to another realm. The floodgates opened as I lay in shavasana, “corpse” pose, appropriately enough. It felt good to bathe my wounded heart with tears of remembering and appreciating the beautiful soul of a dear friend. I do wish I could have seen her, spent time together, one more time – at least.  And of course, I am holding her spouse of 60 years, Lew, close and hurting for him as well.

Much love to you all. Paula

2 thoughts on “Colanchanga

  1. pamela February 19, 2019 / 5:31 pm

    Oh Paula, I’m so sorry for your loss. They have given my brother 1 to 2 weeks. I will be driving back to ABQ Friday as the people we are house and dog sitting for return. Praying I can see him one more time and so glad I flew home to spend 6 days with him. My brother and sister will get to ABQ tomorrow so I am thankful for that. hugs, Pamela
    What a beautiful little cottage! I’ll come visit!😊



  2. Liz Amezquita Arnold February 21, 2019 / 12:36 pm

    Paula, I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Praying for comfort in your grieving, and for joy as you reminisce of your time together, and all the good she brought into your life, and to the lives of others. Big hugs!


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