Listen to the Rhythm

Today (2.25) dawned overcast and misty. (Oh, and noisy – as mentioned in the previous post.) Beautiful to view. A great day for a hike up to the Cerro. Actually, it was a chancy day for a hike up to the Cerro due to the weather, but we headed that way anyway. The sky hung low; the clouds wispy and grazing the hills. The sky could have opened at any moment. But it didn’t. We had a beautiful day of walking in misty mist out of town and along a country road bordered by a river. I listened to the rhythm of my heart telling me, “Today. Today is the day to attempt this climb.”


I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, weatherwise or otherwise. But I knew to take advantage of today. While we had a peaceful and calming walk, we didn’t make it to the Cerro. We headed out on the right road. We started up a path that looked like it could be it. Turned out to be nothing more than a cow path. Which petered out. Ended. The cows mooed their disapproval at our presence. Maybe they mooed their delight at our arrival. I don’t know.

Horses grazing between road and river snuffled along.


We continued along the dirt road, scanning the hills for signs of a trail, but found none. We followed a path to a Santuario. It was locked up. But there was a sweet homemade wooden turnstile to get into the property. Dogs lolled at intervals along the road, thumping tails as if to say, “Hey, acknowledge me. Give me some love.” So, I’d share some time with them and they would accompany us for a bit, then decide they needed to retreat to their posts. 20190225_140906

We arrived back “home” minutes before the rain came. We were happily ensconsed in the comedor of La Vidala, partaking of the simple pleasures of cheese, bread, olive tapenade, and wine. Alfajores for dessert. We sat for a long while writing and uploading photos. The rain stopped. We repaired to our room.

Just now it is thundering and raining heavily. How I love listening to the rhythm of the rain, the rumble of distant thunder.  This weather system now seems to be quite content hovering over the area. We’re in for the night. Extra blankets on the bed are called for and instituted.

When we arrived in Tafí on Saturday we had a series of upsets, starting with the taxi driver not being able to find the place. Got that sorted out. Then an issue with payment not going through on credit card. So, having to get cash to pay which involved extra fees. All rather minor in the scheme of things and all worked out. But that on top of lack of sleep and hot, sticky weather made for some less than easy going travelers.

And then things fall into place. You get some sleep. Some food. You find out that the fiesta is a lot of fun to attend. You appreciate the surroundings. The weather cools. You make it through a series of questions as to just who it is you married and get through the wondering why and back into sync.

These road signs are my metaphor for traveling – weather traversing the road of a relationship or the roads of destinations. Sometimes the route is clear; sometimes the way is unclear. There’s a back and forth to navigating both. Like living amidst a foreign language, there are words and concepts you kind of get amidst a stream that goes right past. You must help one another understand the physical as well as the emotional travel as you continually work to get the lay of the land. True whether the lay of the land is a new land, your own or another’s inner landscape. That’s my pop-psych for the day. Paula




2 thoughts on “Listen to the Rhythm

  1. Laurie February 26, 2019 / 1:35 pm

    Beautiful prose delightful read


    • pgsteele4 February 26, 2019 / 10:37 am

      Thank you for the comment – it’s much appreciated.


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