Tafi del Valle

It has been a relaxing couple of days in Tafi de Valle. The fiesta ended early Monday morning. After restless sleep as the final six hours of amplified music played from the concert stage a couple hundred yards away we arose, ate, napped, walked, napped some more. Paula has posted what that day was like.

The town center had a feel of a Monday on a holiday weekend as families departed the cafes and shops, loading their cars and drving away. The town became quiet, and although there were still young people playing music in the streets, a calm was descenting on the town. The quiet was amplified when we realized we were the sole remaining guests at our hostel. Even the proprieter bundled up his family and departed, leaving us in the care of a caretaker.

Monday was a rainy day as was today. Although it seemed the Sun was trying to break through, the clouds would close up and the air would become misty. There were intermittent showers and in the evening the rain came steady and hard.

And it has gotten cold. The lows at night are in the 40s and highs barely get above 60. It is like an early fall.

Tomorrow we are taking a day trip to Cafayate for wine tasting and touring. Cafayate is slightly lower in elevation (Tafi is about 2000 meters) so it will be warmer. On Thursday we depart to Corrientes where we will be spending 4 nights for Carnaval. We were warned today that it will be hot and humid. I’m already looking forward to it.

I’ve not much to say about Tafi that Paula has not already said, but here are a few photos of the surrounding area.

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