There is something about being away from home and “on vacation” even when no longer working. There is a different quality and energy to life lived elsewere, other than home.

I had written a paragraph related to the thought above, but it got disappeared and now it’s late, my patience is wearing thin, and so I’m letting it go.

His style is vibrant and colorful. He paints scenes of Costan Rican life: in parks, social events, and bailongas. Sometimes it was quite disturbing. I bet Charlie has posted at least one of those with comments, so I’ll let it be.

I just have to say right now, that Word Press is acting quite differently tonight than it did last night, so if this post ends up being wonky in format, that’s why.

We had lunch at Soda Tapia. A soda is a low cost diner. The french fries and beef were good, but the queso fundido was not. Think Velveeta, but with a wierd aftertaste. However, next time I’m near a Soda Tapia (yes it’s a chain we determined later) I’m going to try the arreglado Tapia, a sandwich type meal but the “bread” is layered like a puff pastry and made of corn. 

After our pitstop rest stop in the room and the arduous process of research for the next few legs of the trip, we had worked up a thirst. I had also researched craft beer in San Jose. Off to Wilk we traipsed, in a neighborhood, barrio Escalante, new to us. Formally, the evirons of the wealthy, the large homes were now being converted into bars, restaurants, and lodging. It is a happening scene, as they said in the 60s.

At Wilk we found quiet and a good selection of brew. We met a Dutch guy from London in town for work. We met a man from Uruguay, in town to meet up with his son who is currently in Medillin. They are going to Monteverde on Monday. This guy is also an avid bicyclist and plans to do a crazy race from Banf, Canada to Antelope Wells, NM in June 2021! He wanted to go this year, but his wife reminded him that he would be gone for their 25th wedding anniversary. So instead he’ll be going to Machu Pichu with her. Tant pis. Too bad, huh?

After Wilk we went to the Costa Rica Beer Factory. It had atmosphere up the yingyang, but no IPA. I tried a shot of the national liquor, Guara, made from sugar cane, with chile spices in it. Tasty. Then I had a keto Collins which was delicious with lots of fresh fruit.

Here are a few photos of the place.

Had to get a bathroom shot in.

One thought on “Timelessness

  1. Laurie January 19, 2020 / 5:27 am

    Fun love the photos


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