Moving On

Hi, there. Let’s see how this goes tonight. I see that last night I also lost a bit about the artist that I featured in the post.

Tonight we are in Arenal, looking forward to hiking and ziplining and swimming in the next few days.

We had a positive start to the day upon pick up of our rental car. We got two upgrades! We are sitting posh in a Toyota Fortuner 4×4. It all went very smoothly, including the drive out of the city. As I was the driver, I did not take many photos today.

Initially, driving on the highway was swift and smooth, with it going from two lanes to one and back again many times. Before too long, it changed to one lane only and a bus kept forward movement to stop and start as it picked up and dropped off, taking up the entire lane. Finally, I was able to pass it. From there on driving was sweet. Well, except for the narrow, winding, steep, pot holed, slick section in the rain. But that was fairly short. And it was beautful – verdant and bright on an overcast day.

Here are a few photos from the petit patio of our air b and b.


Weather changes so quickly here! By the coast it was sunny, hot, and blustery. As we gained elevation, the wind stayed with us and the rain came. Not heavy, but steady. Here at our casita, it has been windy, calm, rainy, sunny, cloudy, cool, warm. And now it is dark, the insects are singing amidst the trees and bushes. It sounds as though there is a waterfall in the distance. As I sat on the patio earlier, hummingirds buzzed and swooped and chased one another, moving too fast for a good look.

And DANG if we didn’t forget our binoculars. D’oh.

Had a late delicious lunch at Soda Heladeria on a patio in the fresh air of Arenal. There is a deal here called casado, literally, married man. I guess it was what a husband could exprect his wife to prepare. It’s composed of rice, beans, a meat of choice (chicken, beef, fish), a small salad, and a drink. I had it with chicken which was slighly charred; drink of tamarindo. It was so good, I ate way more than I should have. There’s something about honest food, simply prepared – and eaten in a foreign country.

I bid you adieu. May your taste buds be tickled.

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