Mountains to Coast

We left Monteverde on the 27th, arriving here in Montezuma later that day, which was yesterday. Why does it seem longer ago than that?

The drive down in the morning had some “pull over and take a photo” spaces.

Paved road all the way to Puntarenas, where we boarded a ferry to Parquea. We were one of the first on deck, right up front, positioned for easy exit. Or so we thought. It seems that the left side of the top deck goes last. “And the first shall be last.” Lordy.

From the ferry – nice private beaches on this uninhabited island.

Our Montezuma bungalow has a porch overlooking jungle and high enough to be looking down into part of the tree canopy. Howler monkeys abound and their round, gutteral, bark-like calls can be heard throughout the day, but particularly at dusk and dawn. Though last night in the dark and the rain they were quite vociferous. This morning I was awake at 5:30 and went onto the porch for listening and viewing. Quite a few were up in the trees, eating leaves and flowers or just sitting. Howler monkeys are known as the lazy ones because they spend 80% of their time lounging. I did manage to capture one on video. I’ll try and upload it, though I noticed that the tobaggan video didn’t make it. No —— Wifi connection too slow. Maybe another day.

I spent several hours in the Golfo de Nicoya today. Water is a perfect temp and the waves are fun to play in. Caught many good waves body surfing. I have no pics!

But, I do now have pics from the zipline canopy tour!

Got my gear; good to go!
Tarzan swing – flying high!
Valley views on the fly

The photos can’t do justice to the experience. Such a sense of peace and a physical change of perspective. It opens something up inside. And it is over all too quickly. Five people in my group eshewed the tarzan swing, so others of us lobbied for a second time, to no avail. Yet, I get that sensation from other activities, as well. Dancing and ocean wave frolicking come readily to mind.

When I see the monkeys moving so lightly and delicately in the tree tops I wonder if they too take delight in being up so high. But then, that’s their mileu. Being on the ground would likely provide a sense of danger and risk.

Since leaving San Jose and staying in places away from towns and artificial light, I have hoped to see the night sky, brilliant with stars, especially on these past moonless nights. But we have had clouds every night. Still, no complaints when I can take a hike through the forest and have a view like this. Good night all and good views to you, too, whether they be of landscape or loved ones or beloved places.

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