What, exactly, did I mean by that?

Paula has been keeping up with the blog postings for the last few days. Rather than admit to a basic level of laziness on my part, let’s just say that we were in beach country, which is Paula’ bailiwick. I figured that she would have more to say than I, but then, it’s beach country and Paula has a single minded focus when it comes to being in or around water, which is being in and around water. So we have both been silent for a few days, which leaves me in something of a quandary. How do I put my best foot forward when my best foot is still resting in the hammock?

Paula reminds me that I left something of an accusation at the end of my last post. I questioned how it is that GT, the worlds most renowned climate change activist, hates Ticos. I’ve been keeping one eye on developments in the political sphere while on vacation, and I happened to read portions of GT’s rant at the Davos gathering last week. In that speech she had wise words such as demanding that becoming carbon neutral is insufficient actions to curb climate change, and that we can not wait until there are technologies available to replace our current reliance on fossil fuels: only the immediate cessation of all carbon based fuel is an adequate response to the challenge. It must have been wise comments, since any adult who questioned the wisdom of her statements was accused of all sorts of crimes, including child abuse.

Costa Rica has based its economic development on two main industries. One is exportation of agricultural products: sugar, fruit, coffee, cocoa, etc. Another is tourism. Nearly half of all employment in the tourism industry. You can’t put your finger on the map without touching a national park, a nature preserve, private reserve or eco-resort. People come from around the world to fork over Dollars, Euros, Yen and Colones to experience the playland Costa Rica has become.

There is a large investment in alternative energy sources: wind, hydro, solar. Although I haven’t seen any electric cars, I’ve been seeing charging stations in some parking areas. I read last week that the country expects to be “carbon neutral” within 5 years, which will be a challenge given the number of internal combustion vehicles on the road. We were informed that reforestation is one of the major initiatives to achieve that end.

But Greta demands that this effort be cast aside. What we should do, instead, is let the economy of this country crumble. There should be no ships to move produce to markets. Airplanes should be grounded and the tourism trade should be abandoned. No more rental cars, airplane flights, motor boats, etc.

Let the Tico’s eat the papaya, piña, coconut and mangos. Let them drink the coffee and cocoa. They can live in the abandoned resorts and hotels. Just don’t let them have anything more than a subsistence level economy. It’s something they must do so that privileged children in the developed world can indulge their catastrophic visions.

Perhaps we should not pay so much attention to children until they have learned a bit more about the world and have something valuable to say.

Whoa. I didn’t mean to get all heated up like that. I think I will end this post, have another guaro and fruit juice, chill out and post again when I’ve calmed down a bit.

One thought on “What, exactly, did I mean by that?

  1. Laurie Carleton January 31, 2020 / 4:50 pm

    I like your thinking


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