Memorable Moments

Back to the rain. I really love it. I love the sound of it. I live the smell of it. I love the feel of it. I live being in it, yet protected from it. Always have. Yesterday afternoon we stopped into a small bar on the river. Perched upon our stools, overlooking the water, we were served the ice coldest beers ever. In moments the place was packed with others. Maybe the sky looked ominous and we hadn’t noticed, because within moments, rain visited again. It never seems to out stay its welcome.

The boat ride to Tortuguero that took 1.5 hours, was considerably shortened on the return trip this morning. Smaller boat, fewer people, and Ed is convinced, a younger, more testosterone driven pilot. We really leaned into river bends.

Capuchin white faced monkey in Cahuita National Park as I walked along the beach. It feverishly ate some unripe fruit, biting and scraping with its paws and throwing it to the ground after a few unsatisfying bites. Yet it seemed to think that each new one would yield something different. The beach was littered with discarded, rejected fruit.

Alban. We took our Rebel IPAs to the wall overlooking the beach. A flashlight kept illuminating the water. Alban appeared. “Qué busca? I asked. And he was off in a torrent of Spanish anecdotes about people and experiences he’d had as an employee of the national park system and pura vida of his respect for everyone because pura vida we all bleed red and of the mirador La Merced, which we really must visit y, y, y. I understood a lot and I missed a lot. Oh, he was looking for shrimp. Sometimes good size ones wash up on shore. Alban. What a great guy.

Finding Magic Flowers B and B. The need for wifi brings business to many restaurants. Dr Google brought us to the park entrance not to Magic Flowers. What a name. The magic is in the low cost. It’s a one night stand, all right? It took some sleuthing and asking around and walking around to find this place. The employees are all very sweet and pura vida kind. And there are two of the most beautiful children- a boy of about 3 and a girl of about 1, Antoine and Sai, respectively.

Best spot in a rainstorm
Mid day soak
I love the cup. Great coffee at Thirema in Tortuguero. Excellent brownie, too.
Early morning canoe trip.
Caiman (just the head)
Cahuita – aaaahhh

One thought on “Memorable Moments

  1. Jim February 4, 2020 / 3:31 am

    Great pics!


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