¿Pura Lluvia?

Pure rain? Not really, but truly some grand downpours. First one of the day around 5 am – just when we were getting up to go for our canoe trip. But then it stopped before we left the cabina. Then once out on the river it started again. Then just as suddenly ended. And so it went throughout the day. Rain comes and goes so quickly here!

Sometimes you can hear its approach. Other times you can see it. The sky darkens in the distance, foreboding and challenging in its incontrovertible menace. Nah! It’s just rain, and warm rain at that. It came down so hard while we walked the beach that I stopped to catch it on my tongue. Way better than snowflakes.

Speaking of the beach, I said yesterday that I would go in the ocean today. That was before I read that it’s teeming with sharks and razor toothed barracuda. As I didn’t see any locals (or anyone) trying to ride the waves, I decided to trust in their knowledge and experience. It’s a bit haunting to see a large expanse of beach and rolling waves in a tropical locale that are virtually empty. It’s also quite peaceful.

Castor our guide for the canoe tour was brilliant, taking the boat in to challenging places and stopping to ensure we could see what he saw. And if you didn’t, you better look again and attune your eyeballs or he’d call you blind. “There! There! There!” he’d shout and point with finger or green light. His eyes could pick out an iguana’s leafy looking tail on a leafy tree limb high above. Or the brown furry ball that was a sloth. Spider and howler monkeys cavorting. Green backed, blue, and other herons, ahingas, caimans.

And he made sure we saw them too. 31 years of experience, learned from dad.

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