Raise your hand if you’ve been to our nation’s capitol. It truly is a wonder down by the mall. And i don’t mean shopping mall. The National Mall where the Smithsonian and so many sculptures of grand scale are located. Covid is good for one thing: sparse population at areas of interest. If you’ve visited places when the hordes abound, you know just how marvelous it is to visit in relative peace. Although, at one point a rash of truckers were wending their way down a main drag, horns blasting. We were too far away to see if they had signs to state their grievance. Ranger didn’t know, nor did a police officer.

Here are some sights from our day in DC.

The women’s Vietnam war memorial. The compassion on the face of the nurse holding the wounded soldier brought tears to me. The nurse gripping her as she sees incoming helicopters, also tells a compelling tale
This is the spot upon which MLK stood when he gave the speech. To stand in this locale, looking out over the reflecting pond to the Washington memorial, to imagine the thousands gathered in this place, listening to those words…
 “With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.”

The photo below shows part of the FDR memorial. There are several of these wall bas relief sculptures that are endearing and intimate. They were included so the blind could have a tactile experience. Note the braille in the center of the photo.

Washington monument and reflection in the tidal basin
Charming dining option near the National Gallery

The FDR memorial is both imposing and inviting. There are 4 outdoor “rooms”, each representing a year of his presidency. Each room includes a statue, a waterfall, quotes on the red granite walls, and the bas relief seen above. I didn’t take any photos, so be sure to see Ed’s post.

We toured the area with our friend Jim who moved to DC about 7 years ago. He spends lots of time visiting the mall area, returning again and again to favorite spots. I would love that opportunity – to have the option of not having to fit too much in to too little time. It would be worth staying for a month or two just to take it in slowly, bit by bit, steeping oneself in the history, the art, the grand vision of our nation that continues to strive to achieve that vision.

Next up: Jefferson’s Monticello or maybe more of the Blue Ridge Parkway!

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