Really not the grand manor I expected. Rather modest, in fact. That may have to do with the fact that we only toured the main floor. No. It is smaller than plantation manors that I have seen in photos, on tv, or movies. It is beautiful though, don’t get me wrong. Last night I began this post. Then I started reading about TJ and got lost in history. There’s no way I can – or wish to attempt – to capture the fullness of the man or his time. Suffice to say that there are inconsistent views – and he was aware of that.

Double-paned triple sash window. Open the bottom and top sashes for natural summer ventilation and cooling. Double-paned for warmth in winter.
The kitchen
Separate baking areas for different baking heats and needs.
TJ founded the University of Virginia. This is the Rotunda on the original part of the campus called The Academical Village. I love that! Academical. Note the similarity to Monticello.
Inside the Rotunda. Students were studying here. I wonder if I would have been a better student had i been on such a campus. Ed says i would have had to be as it’s not so easy to get in here.
Academical Village where senior students apply to live. Even without air conditioning and with shared bathrooms, these rooms are greatly desired.
I really was tempted to say hi to Mario!

I’ll be writing shorter posts. I’m finding that a driving trip is not as conducive to writing. Ed and I have talked about it. Maybe a riff on that later.

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