Defeat the Mandates

Since we are in the area, it seemed appropriate that we attend the “March to Defeat the Mandates”. A two hour drive to Vienna, then a 20-30 minute metro ride to the Smithsonian. We walked from the Washington monument to the Lincoln Memorial with several thousand others who believe in freedom of choice. Who don’t buy the legacy media and government narrative that is being promulgated and pushed to the point of people proselytizing. (I was getting into the p alliterative there.) Making a point.

Continuing the p alliteration…

I mean, we should have the option of saying ‘no’ to the inoculation. It’s not effective against anyone getting covid. I’m all for the right to get it – the vax, i mean not covid. And for one’s right to decline. Personally, I know more people who have had adverse affects from the vax, than have been seriously stricken with covid. And I know people who have been inoculated who had severe reaction to contracting covid post vax. There are thousands who have had severe reactions to the inoculation. You won’t hear about that on major media though.

Yes, millions have been vaxxed without issue. It doesn’t validate a mandate for a vax that doesn’t prevent contraction or transmission.

There were many marching for freedom of choice. Progressive moms for choice. Vaxxed democrats for choice. My body, my choice, men and women for choice. Businesses against segregation of who is and who isn’t.

There were vaxxed people speaking about the negative health repercussions of the vax. For example: an emergency room doc suffering from numbness and pain; a professional trick bike rider weakened from myocarditis. They can no longer do the work they love. They have no recourse given that the pharmaceutical companies have been given a free pass under emergency use authorization.

Several doctors who have been vocal about the problems of the inoculation spoke. One of whom, Dr. Robert Malone, contributed to the mRNA vaccine, has been very outspoken. Dr. Peter Koury spoke; he testified to Congress about the problems of the vax. BTW, that video has been removed from YouTube.

Many other doctors have signed on. Many more fear speaking out due to negative employment repercussions. Really, how can so many of our medical front line workers have gone from hero to zero in so little time? Our military personnel, willing to give their lives for our country, booted from service.

This for an illness from which 99% recover. For an illness that has known treatments that cost little.

Also speaking was Bobby Kennedy, Jr who is with Children’s Health Defense. He made some important points regarding the loss of many of our constitutional rights under covid lockdown and restrictions. He also made a controversial analogy between Ann Frank hiding in an attic and the encroachment of surveillance on our lives. Don’t allow coverage focusing on that alone to deter you from other crucial aspects of his message. (Should you listen to his speech…)

Finally, a number of religious leaders from various faiths spoke, for instance: Rizza Islam; Rabbi Zev Epstein; Rev. Aaron Lewis. Agree with them or not, they all have a perspective worth hearing.

It was a friendly crowd. It was a thoughtful crowd. It was a group of people united against suppression of information and for open discussion. It was a pro science crowd.

That’s my report from the capitol.

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