No, no, not a car accident, thanks be. Whiplash from our on again, off again feelings about moving. Or at least moving here. After a week and a half, lots of driving,  visiting communities, and touring homes – both in person, online, and drive-bys – we have determined that this is not the place, or maybe it isn’t the time.

Reasons: population density became more apparent. We see lots and lots of construction, especially of townhomes and condos in every town we’ve been in. Housing market is tight with many bidders raising the cost. Houses here are often too large or too small. It’s amazing how many 3 bedroom, 1 bath homes there are. Most homes are 2 stories with rooms on the main level being rather small.  We’d prefer 1 level.

We haven’t given up completely, just for now.

Today we drove out Lexington way. Gosh, the farms visible from the highway are grand. We enjoyed wine (me) and beer (Ed) at Great Farm Winery and Brew in Lexington and also at Rockbridge in Raphine.

View from Great Farm
Sunset from Rockbridge

Lest you think we are dilletantes interested solely in the fermented fruits of the area, here are a few photos from Natural Bridge, a state park.

Info on Natural Bridge

Driving out this way we were once again reminded of why we love the area! We plan to return in spring or autumn. Maybe the market will be different then. Plus, we’d just live to be here during more hospitable climes. Last October seemed ideal.

We’ll be home this Sunday evening.

Former woolen mill, now our morning walk destination for a second cuppa joe. There’s also a restaurant, Broadcloth, and a brewery, Selvedge.
Lawn ornament
See photo below for info
Sunset on the farm
Baptist church

2 thoughts on “Whiplash

  1. Linnea Hendrickson January 28, 2022 / 10:05 am

    Some beautiful pictures. Getting hopeful we might keep you a bit longer!


    • pgsteele4 January 28, 2022 / 10:21 am

      Seems more likely than not! Thanks, Linnea.


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