First, a correction: autocorrect changed the name of the river in Prague. It is Vltava, not Vitals!

This may be the most beautiful city I’ve ever experienced. I do wonder though if I’ve said that before and about which city. Still, there’s something about Prague. It would take me a thousand words times a thousand. So I’ll allow photos to do the telling. In addition, we’ve been on the go go go and there’s just too much to recount. Captions will capture the essence.

River views

Working waterwheel on a tributary

Rooftop views

Old Town Square from the clock tower in the Old Town Hall
Old Town Square

Architectural Details from Old Clock Tower, 14th Century, below

Salvaged from Old Clock Tower after German tank battle WWII

The Customs House is a gorgeous building housing two concert venues and is home to the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Part of it has designs by Alphonse Mucha, progéniture of the Arte Nouveau movement. We were fortunate that an exhibition of the largest collection of his original posters was there. The exhibition included the animation of some of his works. It was extensive; he was a master with technical skill as well as creative skill. He’s one of my favorites. You can see how the wild posters of the 60s grew out of Mucha’s musings and designs.

In case you didn’t know, tap on the photo to expand it for a better view.

Mucha’s posters

Mucha and Sarah Bernhardt had a many year collaboration. His first poster for her marked the beginning of his fame, which continued throughput his life and beyond.
JOB rolling papers
Commemoration of Queen Victoria, 3 phases of life

A little bit of info about Mucha

A little bit more

This part of the exhibit was enlarged on 3 walls, accompanied by music in a smaller version, similar to immersive shows happening in the Sawmill area.

Art Nouveau in the Sts. Peter and Paul Basilica – I just love the colors.

A divergent note as I get into bed…so far at the three hotels we’ve been in – Berlin Prague Budapest – the bed covers are the same: a white quilted blanket, enclosed in a white duvet, folded in four and laid upon the bed. It’s lightweight yet warm. And so much easier for housekeeping!

Speaking of hotels…a favorite aspect of traveling is the surprise of the hotel. Despite photos on the website, you’re never quite sure what you’re in for. In Berlin the room was tiny – and a model of exacting use of space. It had a modern-esque Bauhaus vibe. It worked. Especially for just one night. Plus two bottles of water gratis.

Prague was a roomy room on a quiet side street. Toilet in a separate room from the sink and tub. Windows that open! This is an old world hotel resplendent with burnished wood and a homey feel.

Here in Budapest we are in a Smart Hotel. Thoroughly modern with a light system that is too smart for us. A wall panel controls the lights and the heat. Only problem is, we can’t figure out how to turn off the motion sensor for the bathroom light. The room is larger than Berlin and smaller than Prague, using the cool colors of grey, white, and subdued turquoise.

All in all they always work. Except when they don’t, like that time in Oaxaca by the beach which was absolutely gross and we had to find a new place.

Anyway, moving on. Maybe we’d both like a break. I hope you enjoyed the photos. There’s more to come!

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