Prague – last bits and Most Important Bit

On our first day in Prague I received an email from a friend I had not seen since 2016 or 2017, the last time she was in Albuquerque. Catherine Carr reached out wondering if I truly was in Prague as she was also! Wow. Her friend Ronnie, living in Stuttgart was also here visiting her. We arranged to meet at the Prague castle on Friday morning. After touring the castle complex (largest IN THE WORLD) we had lunch at the oldest pub in Prague. The dark lower environ seen below.

Me, Catherine, Ronnie, Charlie\Ed

We spent hours at the castle viewing it, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Golden Row, this last a row of tiny living spaces where workers of the day would have lived: seamstress, goldsmith… Basically they were two small rooms with the basics. Quite cozy looking actually. The largest and most resplendent belonged to Mathilde…a prominent seer of the day. Amazing she was revered and not killed as a witch.

Along this row also was a museum of torture and knights’ armor and weapons. Being up close and being able to guage the weight of a lead, spiked ball and the size of a spear really brings home the reality of hand-to-hand combat

A few photos of St. Vitus Cathedral

A beautiful and very effective stove – in use this day!
Ronnie and I were beyond enamored of the door hardware – so elaborate.

Catherine, Ronnie and the two of us met again Friday night to bid adieu to Prague and one another at the Hemingway bar.

I can’t begin to extoll the beauty and charm of Prague. I started with that and I end with that.

One thought on “Prague – last bits and Most Important Bit

  1. Berta Carela September 27, 2022 / 1:02 pm

    Beautiful artwork and gorgeous Mucha’s! It does feel like you can enter into the images, à la secret garden! As always, your narratives are so rich!

    Thanks for sharing and for creating this vicarious travel experience!


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