Snapshots of Zagreb

I’ve decided that pictures really are worth a lot more words than my words usually convert, so here is my discounted essay about a day in Zagreb, Croatia.

At the Zagreb Assembly building Tesla is remembered for offering to build a alternating current power plant for the city in 1892.
And of course Tesla is remembered fondly, though perhaps not by all.
The view from our apartment on a rainy, overcast morning.
This market happens every day, including two stories underground. Incredible variety of fresh produce. And meats. And cheeses. And breads. And did I say sausages?
Advertised as the shortest funicular in the world. 5 Kuna for a one way trip (about USD 0.60).
Paula always chases the clouds away.
Lotrscak Tower dates from the 13th century.
A view from the top. The church, by the way, has the loudest bells at 6 in the morning.
Out apartment is in the building on the left where we can view the Dolac market and it’s aftermath.
This is the Greek co-Cathedral of St. Cyrus and Methodius. Built in 1830, rebuilt after the 188p earthquake and now being repaired after the 2020 earthquake.

I’ve contacted a contractor to install this roof on our home. It would be a great addition to the neighborhood.
Another of those darn medieval structures closed for repairs. Many of the older structures were damaged in the 2020 earthquake.

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