Zagreb, Croatia

I really like Zagreb. It’s got charm and an easy feeling. It’s not as touristy as Prague, nor as beautiful. It’s not as run down as Budapest. Nor as big. It’s also one of the greenest, meaning lots of trees, cities. In addition, it’s the smallest capital city. It’s a great place to wander and to allow it to reveal itself. Thinking this could be a great home base. We had some sunny weather today – warmest since we’ve been in central Europe. Such a glorious day that we meandered and entered nary a museum. Photos forthwith… I don’t often post food pics, but this cup and this meal were so artistic I must.

Cornmeal crusted softboiled eggs on a bed of lettuce with a cottage cheese, sour cream, horseradish base on toast, with a garnish of spring onions. Oh my!
All this is just around the corner! And where we had that breakfast.
Morning market just outside our apartment building.
The aftermath
Cleaned up for the next time. They were setting up last night about this time. Not tonight. Maybe it’s a weekday affair?

The assortment of fruits, veggies, honey, cheese was dizzying. I so wanted to buy and cook and sample and try. As it was I bought a half kilo of tiny grapes from an old woman who was selling her lonely stash on a lonely table corner. They were jewels – and so sticky sweet! I munched on them all morning.

Yesterday we happened upon the oldest pub in Zagreb and met the young (to us) owner. Here is a post on Tripadvisor :

The oldest pub in Zagreb – Pod Starim Krovovima

Place of old more than 100 years, has always been a gathering place of artists and various artists. In the pub was filmed cult film TKO PJEVA ZLO NE MISLI

We returned tonight for a musician, singer with the national theatre. In the video everyone is singing along with a favorite Croatian song about the city of Zagreb. Everyone there, save us, was a local. It was a packed house. Croatian wine is really good too. Did I mention how much I like Hungarian wine? In fact, I’m having some right now. Our hotel in Budapest is owned in part by a Hungarian winery – Juhasz. We partook on a few occasions, and received as a parting gift, a bottle of their Merlot Rosé. Yum! We loved that hotel – comfortable, great location, ample breakfast – including their light and lovely Muscat – and very friendly staff. I was about ready to move in.

So, I’ve morphed from Zagreb to Budapest. S’okay. I now have an enduring love of Central Europe. Tomorrow we leave for the Dalmatia Coast on the Adriatic sea. So excited to shed some clothes!

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