On the move and playing catch up

We spent the better part of yesterday in what turned into sunny Zagreb after an overcast start to the day. Market setup started early in the morning, probably because it was raining the night before. It really is an everyday occurrence!

After breakfast at the same place as the day before – cuz it’s the best around – we headed to the Stone Gate, eastern entry to medieval Grade Town, which is now a shrine. The story goes that a fire destroyed the wooden gate except for the painting of the Virgin and Child. There are a few pews there to pray. You can buy a candle and light it for extra points. Plaques cover the walls with thanks for miraculous intercessions and cures. I sent my prayers heavenward.

Hvala Ti = thank you

I was looking through my photos and recognized a number of them are homages to people. To artists and victims and the dead. To those who have gone before and are known for something special or just known – by someone… We do like to honor our predecessors – flaws and all – for who doesn’t have flaws? And shouldn’t we be allowed to honor those who did the best they could in the time in which they lived? To judge actions of the past based on today’s understanding and evolution of being -ness seems folly. Anyway, herewith some photos…

Famous Czech comedian of the 1930s
From the Lennon Wall in Prague. During the Communist era an unknown artist embellished a blank wall with a likeness of Lennon and some of his lyrics. At the time, western music was outlawed and thus this freedom of speech was illegal. Authorities painted over it, but people continued to return to that same wall and have their say.
A shrine to the firefighters in NYC who lost their lives during 9.11. really touching to see this in another country.
To the hubby of Mary Poppins
To the victims of Communism and totalitarian regimes everywhere
This memorial is at the train station in Zagreb.
We saw at least 3 of these bronze sculptures of various Croatian artists – always by an outdoor cafe and always with a chair inviting passers-by to have a little tête à tête.

Now to end the evening I’ll just say a little something about smokers in Croatia. They smoke a lot! Or are cigarettes stronger here? Maybe it’s more noticeable in Croatia because we’ve had better weather, hence are eating outdoors where smoking is allowed.

By the way, I swam in the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea today. I forgot to get a pic of the beach, but here’s one from the harbor, looking back at Split.

Actually, I think windows to our room are visible in this photo. It’s a good room in a less than stellar location. Restaurants line the waterfront and revelers we’re out late late late. Worse, an odor of sewer gas (no seamstresses or tailors involved) wafted up. In fact, I don’t understand how anyone can eat at those outdoor establishments. Ok

¡Ya basta! Good night from here. Good afternoon to you there.

One thought on “On the move and playing catch up

  1. Berta Carela October 5, 2022 / 7:48 am

    Interesting how people around the world memorialize events that have transformed us all.


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